2017 G.D. Vajra Bricco Delle Viole Barolo

2017 G.D. Vajra Bricco Delle Viole Barolo


Piedmont, Italy

Bricco delle Viole is like a cut of silk: pure, elegant, and ethereal. Born on the highest hill of Barolo, a

promontory facing south, embraced by the Alps. It receives the first morning sun and the last ray of the

evening. In autumn this vineyard seems to float above the fog, as if detached from time and light.

The vineyard features material from 1949 and successive plantings in 1963, 1968 and 1985. Bricco delle

Viole possesses extremely white soils. Rich in limestone, magnesium and manganese, with the

contribution of high altitude and the afternoon breeze, these soils create wines rich in finesse, floral

aromas and freshness.

The old vines of Bricco delle Viole are the last to be harvested - a wait that makes our heart beat faster,

because the weather can change rapidly in autumn. But the patience of the farmer knows that the wait

will be rewarded with high aromatic complexity and extreme finesse. The fruit undergoes a long

maceration that might go as long as 45 days, including some time with a submerged cap. Malolactic

conversion takes place in steel in the spring following the harvest. It's then aged for 32 months in 25hL

Slavonian oak casks before bottling. – Giuseppe Vaira

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