2011 Castello Monterinaldi Occhio di Pernice Vin Santo

2011 Castello Monterinaldi Occhio di Pernice Vin Santo

Castello Monterinaldi


Tuscany, France

Vinsanto is one of the most renowned after-dinner wines esteemed by the old Tuscans. It is obtained by laying out the grapes on reed mats so that, by drying, the sugar concentration increases. When the correct degree of sugar is reached, the grapes are picked, pressed and placed in casks of 55 or 100 liters, dedicated only to this production. The casks are then closed, sealed and usually situated in the attics.

The Vinsanto fermentation is therefore very slow and depends on the changing of the seasons. The Vinsanto can remain closed in the cask for many years and only when the cask is opened, is the result of much patience discovered. It is not unusual that the entire contents of the cask are to be discarded. The reason why Vinsanto il always produced in small quantities can be understood from the above and the longer it is kept in the casks, the more precious it will be.

The "Occhio di Pernice" is produced using at least 50% of Sangiovese grapes, so its color tends to be pink.

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