<p>Eminence Wines – Victoria’s highest Altitude Vineyard</p> <p> </p>

Eminence Wines – Victoria’s highest Altitude Vineyard


By Tom Brushfield

<p>Eminence Wines – Victoria’s highest Altitude Vineyard</p> <p> </p>

High above Victoria’s King Valley lies the Whitlands Plateau, home to frosty winters, brisk mornings, and crisp semi-alpine air.

Small production, handmade, detailed drops, and thoughtful in every step of the journey from grapes to bottling.

Wines of nerve, mineral edged, layered in their complexity, genuine sense of place, honestly sustainable, not just mere marketing spin.

Planted in the late 1990s, Eminence has a wealth of experience in alpine viticulture, pushing toward the edge of possibility, testing the margins of ripeness, exposed to the raw elements and unforgiving altitude with its diurnal extremes. Organics here is not easy; it requires dedication, lots of manual labour and perhaps a slight hint of mad determination against economic rationale.

Eminence Sparkling wines are always good, and in our constant search for homegrown fizz, they are always at the top of the list.  The 2015 Assembly Sparkling blew most similarly priced wines out of the water.

First of the latest arrivals is the flagship fizz of the Eminence range, as owner/winemaker Clare says, “a seriously fancy traditional method sparkling with eight years on lees and zero dosage”, 2013 ‘The Assembly LD ZD’ Vintage Sparkling. Those eight years in bottle have seen the wine build richness, power, and complexity while preserving its core of tightly wound fruit and focused drive across the palate. Thrilling wine that rightfully holds its place alongside the best in Australia. Only 40 dozen were produced, and we scored 12 bottles! Open it with your fussiest Francophiles.

Pinot Gris is made in all different styles in this country; some expressions are more refreshingly Grigio with crunchy green pear vibes. Others are more broad, slippery, and lush, leaning toward Alsace their generosity. We have all kinds popping up with no such regional distinction in Australia; sometimes, a single winery will release markedly differing styles year to year!

The 2021 Eminence Pinot Gris is both textual and mineral, with its creamy barrel influence and winemaking nous balancing the citrusy energy of its elevated origins. Super complex and a benchmark Gris that is a world away from the beige and dull macro wines popping up everywhere lately.

The 2021 Eminence Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier blend is a top-notch example of these lighter weighted reds that are so popular right now for red drinkers. Cranberry, morello cherry, tangy mouthfeel and subtle spices make for a super-smashable and joyful wine. Even give it a slight chill and embrace the vibrant nature of this crunchy banger.